Tuesday Tunes: Mishlawi’s All Night

This week’s Tuesday Tunes is my friend Mishlawi’s – All Night. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for the past few days and thing everyone should give it a listen. Check it out below!

I asked him a few questions about this single, here are his answers:

1. What inspired you to write these lyrics?

I was online looking for beats and I found this one and I found the mix of hip hop / trap with this sort of cha cha Latino sample was really fresh. The chorus for all night I actually had written on another beat before finding this one, but thought it worked perfectly here instead. As far as the verses go it was just a typical ego trip rap verse, not really any story line to it just new that I had a big song and wanted to show people I could rap some.

2. Could you describe your music in terms of your style, and what you try to portray through your music?

I don’t want to label my music as any one style because I like to be versatile and as I continue I never know where music will take me, but I am mainly into and influenced by new school hip hop and rnb, my music incorporates a lot of melody and singing as well as rap.

3. What has been your latest project?

My latest project I am currently working on which is expected to be released at the end of this month, June. No name or release date yet!

4. Where can we see you perform?

This summer I am confirmed at meo sudoeste, monte verde festival in açores, and will make an appearance at Sumol summer fest as a guest for DJ Big doing two songs. Further performances should be booked throughout the summer!


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