Livin’ the Sego Life

It’s definitely been a while, hasn’t it? I would apologize, but I’m not going to … In between doing nothing, enjoying my last months in Portugal and moving to my new apartment in Segovia to start university it has been an extremely busy couple of months. All in all, I am extremely happy, and I think that is all that matters! I have met wonderful people, incredible lecturers and the town is a dream. Segovia embodies everything I’ve ever wanted, a medieval town will all the modernities of a city while still maintaining it’s inspiring atmosphere of creation and creativity.

Last month I began my Bachelor’s degree in Communication and am adoring it. All the subjects interest me and even though we are given a ridiculous amount of readings, it’s still a blast. I am finally starting to understand why people have always told me that these will be the best years of my life… This conjunction of complete freedom and no financial worry is blissful. You get to focus all you energies in learning and not worry about how you’re going to put food on your plate… yet. But that’s the point I’m at. I’m completely gobsmacked by everything surrounding me that I have no idea what to start writing here about! Every day is a new adventure, a new opportunity to create, to learn, to experience.

With that being said, you can expect a whole new line of posts about everything I can share with you from here: tips on my course, life in Segovia, nightlife in Madrid, student life in general and all sorts of weird and wonderful things that have happened and will happen during my four years in this interesting little town. And of course, if you have any questions at all hit me up! I’ve got a lot of free time (perks of studying communication).

Keep your eyes out, giutheginger is back. Stronger than ever.


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  1. You are beautiful!!!

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