That Unnamed Feeling by Maria Sande e Castro

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I’m here to write about a feeling, a feeling I’m experiencing right now and that is probably my favourite (I’m doubting between this one and being in love, both are great).

It would be easier if that feeling had a name, but it doesn’t. Which is actually rare. How can one of the best feelings in the world not have a name? Not even in Portuguese? At least we have “saudade“, without that one I couldn’t have expressed myself a lot of times, I actually need it even to explain this unnamed feeling I’m talking about.

So I will call it “a feeling when you’re still living something and you already know you will miss it on the future” Wooow! Because one thing is missing something you have already lived but suffering in anticipation and foreshadowing how you’ll feel once it’s gone? Believe me, that feeling is even stronger. It is the certainty that you’re absolutely fulfilled at that time.

Ultimately I have also started relating it with wisdom, the older I get the more I feel it. Maybe because the older I get, the better I know myself and the better I know what type of things I value and will miss once they’re gone.

I have been living in Lima since February and I am sure I will miss this special place since the day that I arrived. I understood from the beginning how simple people are here and some years ago I’ve also noticed you don’t need a lot to be happy, but you do need people. People make the place. And every person I’ve met here has made my experience more than wonderful.

That’s why I will be forever grateful for these months. I am going back to Portugal with my heart full and I know it better thanks to that unnamed feeling.


by Maria Sande e Castro

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